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Innovation Courses

STEAM Young Innovators Club (YIC) (7-17Y)


ideianation Young Innovators Club allow kids to start their journey though innovation. The curriculum is designed to solve hands-on STEAM group activities and learn about innovators and their mindset with exciting exercises. All materials included.

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STEAM Innovator Toolkit Masterclass (12Y+)


ideianation Innovator Toolkit Masterclass offers a set of STEAM creative problem-solving techniques and lateral thinking tools to assist in identifying out-of-the-box opportunities to help you deal with your day to day challenges. All materials included. 

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STEAM Innovation for Adults (18Y+)


Come join this hands-on program with ideianation that explores basic principles of innovation through STEAM group challenges and invites participants to explore various traits and processes used by innovators past and present. All materials included.

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Project Management courses

Manage Lessons Learned as Intellectual Property

Presentation focused to find better strategies to create teams more engaged on gathering information and share project failures and successes for personal and organizational benefit.

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Health and Life Insurance courses

Life Insurance Exam Review

Course focused on students that look for knowledge about insurance or are getting ready to take Life and Insurance exam.

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