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Ideacoin - Digital currency training

Do you want to learn about digital currencies and what they can do for your business? 

Let our consultants help you to train your employees and create a full infrastructure so you can receive digital and cryptocurrency payments so you can take your organization profits to the next level.

Project Intellectual Property (PIP) Consulting

Each project in your organization generates daily new ideas and lessons learned that must be treated as intellectual property being the key for your organization future success.

How does your organization apply all project intellectual property generated to make current and future projects more efficient and profitable?

What does your organization do in order to maintain all project intellectual property to be taken by your competitors or lost in case your key employees leave?  

Let our consultants help you to manage your organization project intellectual property and transform it in additional profits and cost savings.

Innovation Workshops

Do you want to learn how to be more creative and innovative?

At our company, we offer themed innovation workshops! Explore interactive science, technology, engineering, arts, and math activities.   

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